met my foxhounds

                            Meet my Foxhounds

My foxhounds are a very big part of my life, we have helped and taken in many hounds over the few years i've been involved with them. Always enjoying their company and excitement they bring to my life, each day is different but with a foxhound by my side as a best friend, i feel i can take on the world.
our home has very much became a place for my foxhounds to live indoors as pets and what pets they make, with tlc, exercise and training the foxhound could be part of any doggy household.

To prove that Foxhound can learn as much as any other breed, this is a list of "tricks" Dawson now does;
Paw, hi five, beg, down, jump, stand, send to bed, close the door,crawl, hide your face, hold, feet up, through, over, heel, finsh,come, kiss and cuddle.

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